AEasy is Convenient

Aeternity Framework

AEasy quickly, conveniently realize Aeternity aaepp

Quick Start

We will support more features for you

Provide you with a rich API to complete the development of aepp
so that you can quickly have decentralized software

Quick learning

AEASY allows developers to get
started quickly Can quickly use the
API to call node data, you do not
need to relationship blockchain
internal is how to achieve


Benefit from security, trust, and
transparency Fully centralized, AEASY
does not retain any of your information


Simple editing to quickly own assets
Quick compilation and use of the
smart contract, you can directly request
the API to create aex9 tokens

Wonderful Video

Strong development team for maintenance


Baixin - Harley

I used to work in a first-tier Internet company, and I have a deep understanding of the block chain field. I invested in users of AE currency in the early stage, with the original intention of making my own contribution to the AE community


Top Chinese designer, from the Chinese Internet giant, contact design since childhood, very rich experience, is the early digital currency investors block chain believers, and BaiXin together to create aeasy-io to serve more developers to develop aepp.